Mitigation Services
The process by which radon entry is controlled is referred to as mitigation. Radon can effectively be managed and reduced through mitigation. At Georgia Radon Solutions we evaluate the entire home and design a mitigation system based upon the present conditions, construction plans and the desired radon levels post mitigation. We provide a free in-home estimate with a certified NRPP Radon Specialist at your convenience.
We are a locally owned and operated mitigation solutions company dedicated solely to providing superior quality radon mitigation systems adhering to the EPA’s Radon Mitigation Standards ASTM 2121, local and state codes. All of the systems installed by Georgia Radon Solutions come with a complete transferable warranty and are guaranteed to be below the predetermined threshold specified.
Georgia Radon Solutions will provide all labor and materials to reduce measured radon levels in the structure.
The following tasks will be performed:

  • Diagnostic base testing to support final system design
  • A RadonAway fan will be used
  • Schedule 40 PVC foam core 2”, 3” or 4” vent pipe
  • System monitor (U-tube manometer) included
  • Back draft testing of combustion appliances
  • Post mitigation clearance test (short- term) conducted
  • Long- term radon test provided
  • A follow up test is performed by an NRPP certified tester

Every system we install is designed and supervised by one of the owners of our company. Our crew leaders are trained and tested by the EPA and certified by both NEHA and NRSB. If you test high you are not alone, 1 out of every 4 homes in the Atlanta area has similar high levels. The solution is to contact a professional from Georgia Radon Solutions for a free detailed inspection and estimate providing you with a number of reasonable guaranteed solutions. Getting your radon problem solved it better to do sooner rather than later as radon exposure has an accumulative effect so the quicker you resolve the issue the sooner you will be protecting your family’s health.

Mitigation Methods

Methods differ according to building type. Active Soil Depressurization (ASD) is the most common form of mitigation and is most effective on slab and basement homes.

Sub-Slab Depressurization (SSD)

SSD system works by applying more pressure to the soil under a home than the home does. We perform diagnostic testing using sensitive scientific instruments to determine how well potential depressurizaiton points will work. By measuring the pressure field extension under the slab, we can identify where depressurization points are needed.

Sub-membrane Depressurization (SMD)
SMD is used in crawlspaces to control soil gasses (radon and moisture). A vapor barrier is added in the crawlspace that is sealed to the perimeter walls. Piping and a small fan are used to reroute the radon laden gas from underneath the barrier to an outside vent on the top of the structure. This type of system has recently been proven effective in reducing and controlling moisture levels in crawlspaces that can contribute to poor indoor air quality and mold problems.

Block Wall Depressurization (BWD)

BWD is used to control soil gasses from entering a basement through cement block walls. Small holes are drilled into the block wall to allow the vent connection. All visible and accessible openings or penetrations in the block wall are sealed to prevent air loss from the basement area. Piping and a small fan are installed to reroute the radon to the exterior of the house. The piping and fan are usually routed and installed in the garage or attic (if no living area above) or on the exterior of the house. If the block wall foundation does not have a cap block or the top cells of the block are open, they must be sealed prior to installation of the system.

New Construction
The easiest way to ensure there are low radon levels in a building is to install a system at the time of construction. When systems are designed and installed to produce the desired conditions below the slab, low radon levels are achieved. Active Soil Depressurization systems installed at the time of construction have also been found to have significant moisture reduction benefits.

Existing Service Agreements/ Warranties
If you have an existing service and testing contract with Radon Reduction & Testing or Southern Radon Reduction and have not been able to reach them, they are no longer in business. We will gladly honor their warranty and service your mitigation system. Call today to get a free inspection of your system and review of your service plan.

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